Kids for Christ

Kids for Christ (KFC) aims to serve children from ages four (4) to twelve (12). The ministry is committed to mould young Christ-like leaders.

Kids for Christ logoThe Vision and Mission of KFC is “To bring kids to the Lord and build a bright new world”

Ministry Goals

  1. Evangelizing Kids
    Each KFC activity aims to make the kids realize that Jesus is the most exciting person in their lives, that He is God and He loves us so much. Through these activities, they also learn the 7 core traits of a KFC member: Prayerful, Loving, Obedient, Respectful, Diligent, Generous, and Honest.
  2. Family Enrichment Programs
    KFC aims to enhance the relationship of parents with their children. We have a two-pronged approach: kids learn from the KFC activities, and the parents respond to what we teach the kids. The program will cover teachings on a deeper level of open communication and commitment to serve and love one another, and to help build strong relationships within the family.
  3. World Changers (Social Renewal)
    We inspire the kids to make a difference amidst a world of mediocrity. At a young age we help them see how they can take part building up a better society and bring it back to God’s original plan. We develop in them an attitude to put their faith into action.
  4. Leadership Formation for kids
    15 years from now, the kids will be the future leaders of our society and it is important that at a young age they understand the real meaning of leadership. As young Christ-like leaders, these kids have to be strong in the conviction of their Christian values and making Christ their role-model in serving others.

The KFC Principle

KFC believes that to be able to build an attractive environment to the kids, the program should have the Four “F’s” principle:

  1. Fun. Activities are enjoyable and they stimulate the child’s creativity, perception, and sensitivity.
  2. Friendship. Activities encourage the members to build strong friendships.
  3. Faith. It enhances faith. Activities are geared towards strengthening their relationship with God and understanding our Catholic Christian faith elements in kid’s language.
  4. Freedom. It allows the kids to express themselves but with responsibility and respect for God and for others.

Kids for Christ (KFC) - Wellington, New Zealand